Friday 15 November 2013

9M2SE CQ WW SSB 2013

Recently, 9M2SE team joined CQ WW SSB 2013 contest. Our involved crew were,

  1. 9M2PJU
  2. 9W2RUT
  3. 9M2RHQ
  4. 9W2WWW
  5. 9W2JDY
  6. 9W2HHP
  7. 9W2EDU

Monday 9 September 2013


9M2SE Malaysian Special Expedition Team went to Pulau Indah from 30 August to 1 September 2013 for IOTA AS-074 activation and 56th Malaysia's independence day celebration. We moved from our home on 30 August's evening and met at Telok Gong, just before the bridge to Pulau Indah.

On Friday's evening, 1500 hours. 9M2PJU and 9W2RUT took the GUTHRIE highway from north of Selangor to KESAS highway and met 9M2RHQ near the Petronas gas station at Telok Gong.

We took the Pulau Indah bridge and straight to Westport. The view from Pulau Indah bridge wasn't good but we can see many tankers from the bridge.

We drove around Pulau Indah Westport to find a good spot. Our plan was Pantai Acheh. But we lost and changed our plan to Pantai Acheh. 9M2RHQ suggested that we try Laguna Park.

After a few minutes, we decided to make a portable station near Laguna's park. We decided not to stay near to the beach since the rainy weather and we do not have any proper tent. On 1900 hours, we setup a station near the playground. Unloaded all equipments and started a small camp there. On 2100 hours, we started our transmission on 15m and after that, 20m. 9M2TPT arrived at 2200 hours.

9W2RUT took the mic and started to call for DX stations on 15m. He handled a huge pile up. Mostly from European countries. After a couple hours, 9M2TPT took the mic and continue to answer DX calls.

9W2RUT gave me a bunch of QSL cards arrived from national bureau. Thanks to MARTS QSL bureau.

9W2JDY arrived from Temerloh on 0400 hours. He drove from Temerloh alone without any passengers. We invited him for a meal before he took a rest after a long journey. On 31 August morning, we had our breakfast and also received a visitor from Kajang. We managed to get a few CW contacts on 10m and 15m in the morning, mostly from Japan. We also went to 40m to say hello to local stations, (SSB - 9M2NDO, 9M2ART/P, 9M2RMT/P) (CW - 9M2AR)

We checked our antennas on that morning and didn't found any problems, the tri-bander and vertical works very well. Here are some photos.

The Pulau Indah view wasn't good as islands on the east cost, 9M2PJU and 9W2RUT walked around and took some photos. We didn't go to any sandy beach since our portable station is far away from Pantai Acheh.

 On 31 August's evening, 9W2RUT once again took the mic and starting to call on 15m and 20m. The band wasnt good as we had on last night, but 9W2RUT didnt stop calling for DX. 9M2TPT left the station on that evening because he got some business to do at home and yes, we have visitor from Sri Petaling and 9W2NMX from Sri Kembangan. 1500 hours in the evening, the rain started to pour our station.

On our last night, 9W2JDY took the mic and calling for DX on 20m. He managed to get a few contacts on 20m. But the band wasnt good since we didn't hear any stations from EU. After a couple hours, the band return to normal condition and we got many stations broke in to our DX net.

On 1st Sept's morning, we made a few contacts on 21m CW mode before closing down the station. We also took a group photo before leaving the island.

1st September, 1200 noon. Time to leave the island, we packed our equipments. Cleaned the area and leaved the island.

9M2SE managed to get 1063 QSOs on 20m to 10m. Our operators played their rule very well. Thanks again to all people who supported us, visited us while on Pulau Indah and also to those who can not join, thank you very much for your support. You know who you are!

Enjoy my homemade videos!