Saturday 4 May 2013

9M2SE Perhentian Island IOTA AS-073 Activation

Malaysian Special Expedition Team went to Perhentian Island on 1st May - 3rd May 2013 to activate IOTA AS-073 together with 9M2/SP5APW. 9M2SE Team made 568 QSOs on CW mode and 20++ QSOs on SSB mode. Our operators are Piju 9M2PJU, Khairul 9M2KRZ, Rizal 9M2RDX, Azuddin 9M2CIO and Jack SP5APW who also operating as 9M2/SP5APW.

Our equipments was

  1. Elecraft K3 Transceiver
  2. Yaesu FT897D
  3. 2 Ele tribander Yagi antenna
  4. Buddypole
  5. Vertical wire for 40 meters
  6. 10 meters telescopic pole

On 30rd April 2013, 9M2PJU with 9M2KRZ moved from Selangor to Terengganu using the East coast Expressway and met 9M2RDX at Kuala Berang, Terengganu. After pickup 9M2RDX, we moved to Jerteh for a breakfast and then moved to Kuala Besut jetty.

On 10 am 1st May, we load all the equipment into the boat and moved to Perhentian Besar island. We met Jack SP5APW and Azuddin 9M2CIO there. Bayu Dive Lounge check in time was 2 pm, while waiting we helped Jack setting up the buddypole and 40m vertical wire antenna.

After checking in the chalet, the 9M2SE team setting up our antenna, 2 ele yagi and put it to a 10 meters long telescopic pole. 9M2PJU managed to catch 82 QSOs from 5 to 6 pm on the 15 meters CW mode.

We continue our activity later on the night, the bands was not very good but we had almost 200++ CW QSOs on 15 meters.

2nd day afternoon, 9M2RDX CQing on 10 meters and worked 20++ stations, most of them are from Australia. Dave VK5MRD recorded a video and put it on Youtube.

2nd Day afternoon 9M2PJU continued to work CW on 15 meters again. Our CW QSO logs was 308 in the evening. On the last night, we had our dinner with Jack. After that, we took the Elecraft K3 to our room. 9M2PJU worked hard on that night to reach our target which is 500 QSOs.

On 4 am 3rd May, he noticed that the log already 513 QSOs before he woke 9M2RDX up. 9M2RDX continue to operate and at last the CW log was 568 QSOs. Not bad for a 3 days and 2 nights trip.

3rd May afternoon, we say good bye to Jack and leaved Perhentian Besar island. All logs uploaded to LOTW, clublog and hrdlog.

Enjoy the video!

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